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Walter Aldrich

Director of PR and Communications

Walter graduated from Northwestern in 2020 with a Master’s Degree in Music. He has always had a great passion for education, and before joining the STEMPod team he served on the staff of several college programs. For STEMPod, Walter supervises PR, Social Media, and Web Design, and during his off-time he performs as a singer and pianist in Chicago, Illinois.

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Nathan Goldrich


Nathan graduated from Northwestern University in June of 2020 with a major in Neuroscience with honors and a minor in music cognition. His passion for research and education have guided him through all four years of college. Since graduating, he saw an opportunity to merge these interests to support underserved communities and place a stronger emphasis on science.


Lydia Pui

Director of Tutoring

Lydia is a dual degree student at Northwestern University where she is pursuing a B.A. in biology and a B.M. in piano performance. Her pre-med path as a first-generation, international student motivated her to give back to the community. At STEMPod, Lydia oversees the tutoring program and local outreach. Outside of school, Lydia enjoys reading, singing, and recreating her favorite dishes from home.


Evan Lee

Director of Operations

Evan is in his final year at Northwestern University where he is pursuing an accelerated B.A./M.S. in chemistry and a B.M. in piano performance. At school, Evan researches ways to make new nanomaterials. At STEMPod, he oversees the Mentorship program and helps to make sure the organization is running smoothly. Outside of work, Evan enjoys cooking, hiking, and driving cool cars.

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