"My advice is to...

work with mentors who share the same passion with teaching as you have with learning." 

                                                                               Dr. Joseph Wu

College Lists

Figure out what schools align with your values, interests, and career goals!  

Student Perspectives

Our mentors have a diverse set of college experiences. Discuss study strategies, time management, mental health, and more!

Essay Help

Personalized help with the Common App essay, supplemental essays, and more!

Financial Aid Advice

Financial aid can be complicated. We can help you with the FAFSA, the College Board's CSS profile, and discuss loans and scholarships.

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Take the Next Step

We know how stressful the college application process is. We've all been through it, too! No matter who you are or what you aspire to do, we can help you build a list of schools, strengthen your application essays, and support you how ever it is you need.

Experienced Mentors

Our set of diverse and knowledgeable mentors allow you to find the perfect fit. Whether you are a first generation student or are just looking for that extra boost to send you on your way, our young mentors can readily adapt to make you a better match for the school of your dreams.